Popovers and Weekend Rest

This week has been wild. Just alone Monday brought a call from DSS, a friend whose child was hit by a car, a call from the school nurse while I was in the shower of course, more overseas paperwork to be filled out and Bill’s list at work was even longer….Monday y’all…just Monday.

Pain and heartache, sickness and exhaustion…..my word, sometimes I feel like this world will cave in on itself with the weight of heartache so many people are wading through right now.

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Ko’s Clam Chowder

This is a “hold me momma” recipe. Some days just call for a comforting, soul satisfying, put me to bed with an extra blanket type of meal. This past week’s frigid temps snuck back in to town and my people needed a big ol’ cup of this chowder.
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Tomato Tart

Spring is nearly here and this tart is a surefire way to welcome it in! Perfect as an appetizer or a brunch main. It comes together effortlessly and leaves your guests and family completely satisfied! Cheesy, flaky, fresh tomato amazingness…..

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