Strawberry Butter

It’s Strawberry Season here in Okinawa! Which was an odd thing to grasp when we first arrived on island. For me, strawberries always summon up images of sunny SoCal fields on a brezzy Spring day. But here it is a winter berry that takes centerstage during our “chilly” months. All this to say, I have not lost my mind by sharing this amazing little recipe while most of you are looking at temps in the negatives. See it as my gift to you, Spring is coming~we’ve already tasted it!

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Toasted Granola

Y’all, I could enjoy a cheese board at any hour of the day but I know not everyone shares my love of cheese so deeply. So when this month’s Ko Creative events booked up with more brunch timeslots than evening bookings, I knew I needed to freshen up a menu that was more “morning” appropriate. Read More

Sugared Cranberries

The holidays are here and I’ll be dishing up some great recipes this week for y’all! These sugared cranberries are a cinch to make and add a little magical sparkle to any dish, be it a dessert or a cheese board.  The most lovely part is that you can use this as a base to sugar just about anything! Cranberries and rosemary? Ahhhh-mazing! Blueberries and thyme? You bet! I have become the queen of sugaring and I know you will too! Read More

Chai Candied Almonds

Alright my friends, this is an oldie but a goodie! I’m pulling it from my old blog, giving it a bit of an update and dropping it here for you! This recipe is my GO TO for event favors, teacher gifts, dessert toppings and cheese board garnishes. You can not go wrong here! Plus, I’m attaching my Fall and Christmas gift tags in this post. My gift to you! Happy Holidays! Read More

Maldon Salted Cookie Bars

This recipe is quick to come together, feeds a crowd, satisfies that salty/sweet craving and elevates your basic cookie bar recipe! There is serisouly nothing NOT to love about this dessert. I’ve been making these bars for my crafting events and after lots of requests for the recipe, I thought I would share it here! Read More

Memere’s Spaghetti

I know I’ve shared this recipe before on my previous blogs, but this back pocket recipe will forever be a favorite. And surprisingly enough I think I’ve made it more here in Okinawa than ever before. Thick, hearty, layered with flavor, I made it nearly every week this past winter. Partially because my kiddos are homesick for their grandparents but also because you truly can’t mess this recipe up! More wine? Sure! Extra herbs? Go for it! Log this recipe away for when you want to heap on the comfort. Read More

Broccoli Salad

It would seem that all we do these days is hike and eat great food! And for the most part that is true. We are counting down the days to summer, a June court date, our move to Japan and a million other things. In the mean time we are trying to take advantage of a yet to be packed kitchen and the chance to still explore this little area of North Carolina which is resulting in a food and travel heavy blog!

This salad is something I make weekly during warmer months and it’s a great way to get fresh veggies on our plates. It makes a bright display on a potluck table and packs easily on our hiking trips. The bonus is that I can offer you a vegan/plant based version too! An all around winner if you ask me!

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Chocolate Hazelnut Pie with Pretzel Crust and Candied Hazelnuts

I could talk y’all’s ears off about our move, or what has been going on with DSS, or how my right eye wont stop twitching…..but I’m tired and kinda talked out.

So can we just think about pie? Pie is so friendly, it says “here, come sit down with a cup of coffee and rest a moment.” It doesn’t require endless paperwork or ask you to make life decisions. I really really like pie these days….haven’t a clue why….

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Good To-Go

Every once in awhile I will pop in to share a product or two with ya’ll! What I can promise with this is that it is loved by the whole family and not just a promotional post. We are always looking for ways to make adventuring more enjoyable and streamlined and these meals have made a huge difference in recent years for us! Read More