Girls Trip! Kyoto, Japan

Every duty station brings a new round of military sisters into my life and I am constantly amazed at the diverse talents and gifts these strong woman have! This time around I have been introduced to adventurous gals that can pack a suitcase with their eyes closed and try and convince me that taking all our kids to Thailand sans husbands is a normal thing to plan. These gals push my comfort zone boundaries and I love them for it!

When Maria and Wendy suggested a weekend trip to mainland Japan we thought it might just be a pipedream. The possibility of all three husbands being able to take time off at the same time was a tad bit ridiculous. But we purchased our plane tickets, booked our rooms and prayed for it to all line up.

One month later with a max dose of Dramamine in my system we boarded a tiny, cheap airlines and hopped islands to the mainland! I was happy to tag along, see whatever was in front of me and enjoy 3 nights of glorious sleep where little ones didn’t wake me with clammy hands and ask what I’m making for the next 3 meals….It was amazing y’all! AMAZING!Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

Maria is a master trip planner and our itinerary gave us two full days in Kyoto to explore. And explore we did! We logged over 20 miles of walking in those couple of days and saw more World Heritage Sites than I could fully absorb. Kyoto is an incredible city full of busy beauty.

Golden Temple Logo

Golden temples, Geishas and golden ice cream….this weekend was as girly as it could get! We snapped pictures, ate incredible food, mastered the train system and gratefully enjoyed every second of this weekend! Our husbands get a massive round of applause and thanks for this gift they gave us.



Monday morning we headed back home to our little slice of island life, happy, rested and very ready to hug our kiddos! Below is a more detailed itinerary that Maria jotted down for those of you who are interested!

Happy Adventuring!

xxoo, Ko

FLY TO OSAKA- take HARUKA express train to KYOTO STATION 3,600 yen
STAY AT APA HOTELS (ours was ok, recommended for price but stay close to kyoto station.)
GETTING AROUND- K- LOOP BUS 🚌-on and off 1,000yen. All the world heritage sites. Also take the subway trains from Kyoto Station. Buy ICOCA card (IC) load $20 on it and lasted us 3 days. Can be used on public buses too.
Day 1 Fushimi inari (torii gates) ⛩ and Gion (geisha district)- {Shirakawa-dori street {“most beautiful St in kyoto”} Kyoto tower- across from Kyoto station
Day 2 Arashiyama: Bamboo 🌱 forest grove/kimono forest & monkey park
Day 3 K Loop Bus tour bus 🚌
(1,000-purchase on bus yen only) -world heritage sites. Must see: Niji castle,
Nishiki market, gold pavilion, Shimogamo Jinja shrine,
MUST SEE TEMPLE-Kiyomizu Dera- on walk up to temple- see Hokanji temple at top of hill and Yasaka Koshindo on the right as you walk up. (colored balls of fabric)
GEISHA- Gion (k loop bus goes here) to see geisha go to: Hanamikoji Dori
Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8340
Eat at GYOZA 8. Spotted 2 geisha on that corner.
19-2 Yamatochō, Higashiyama-ku, 京都市東山区 Kyōto-fu 605-0802
-Ramen alley 🍜 10th floor of Kyoto station
-Gold-dipped ice cream (kinkaku) golden pavilion
-Matcha ice cream 🍦Gion
Quatro Style- Italian. Across from Kyoto
〒600-8216 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Shimogyō-ku, Higashishiokōjichō, 下京区塩小路通烏丸西入東塩小路町614
ARABICA COFFEE- 2 locations: Arashiyama & Kiyomizu dera


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