Let’s Not Count

I’ve been blogging off and on again since 2009 and I’m certain that at least a dozen times I’ve written this same blog post….I’m BACK! Every time I think I really mean it, that I will dish out posts on a perfectly scheduled timeline. My hat is off to all my beautiful blogging friends that balance both so amazingly well. That is not me. But I’ve missed this space and after almost 8 months of settling in to life in a new country, shaking off the cobwebs of homeschooling routines and successfully learning which side of the road to drive on~”keep your hiney on the liney”, I want to be back here, sharing this wild messy life we are experiencing!

The stats show that I’ve lost my readership, so this post may be echoing off the walls of the interwebs….but I’m here, I’m BACK, and I really think I mean it this time 😉


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