Flanners Beach, NC

Weekends are our chance to explore and adventure with this little crew and Bill and I are always on the lookout for nearby places to explore. When this hidden gem presented itself we knew that it was the perfect spot for a weekend getaway! Even more so it was exactly where I wanted to spend my Mother’s Day, unplugged from everything, salt air in my lungs while watching my boys discover another corner of this amazing world we live in. If you live in the area or are traveling through coastal North Carolina, we think it might just be the perfect spot for you too!

Flanners Beach is located along the Neuse River a little over an hour North of Camp Lejeune. It boasts sandy beaches, clean camp grounds, miles of trails and a family friendly vibe that let us relax and make the most of this weekend getaway.

The campgrounds have both tent and RV sites with fire rings, places to park and lots of trees for shade. It’s a small set up but what it lacks in size it makes up for in water views, a well kept bath house and welcoming camp hosts. We originally reserved site 28 which would have been fine but to our happy surprise site 29 (non-reservable) was available upon our arrival. The camp hosts were happy to let us switch and we ended up claiming the best views of the water for our stay!

We spent two nights and wished it could have been longer. Between the gorgeous hikes and two skill levels of bike trails we kept the boys happily busy and electronic free! A major win in my book! A large portion of the beach is swim/wade water but as you walk down the shoreline you will encounter what feels like another world. Massive tree falls, Mars-like sediment formations and rocky cliffs that will keep your kids wanting to endlessly explore. If you are driftwood junkie this place is heaven on earth! Bill had to kindly remind me that we are moving in a month….hee hee.

Even for Mother’s Day weekend the beaches were exceptionally quiet with only a handful of families enjoying themselves around us. It really did feel like we had the place to ourselves. This area could also easily be a day-trip adventure and we are planning to take full advantage of this newfound spot before our move this summer!

Happy Adventuring!



One thought on “Flanners Beach, NC

  1. You are a great describer of all things. It’s like I was there with you. Actually, I wish we were because #pancakes. haha! What a great way to spend your Mother’s Day weekend.

    Will’s lashes are gorgeous and the headshot of Jack is wonderful – he looks so much like his momma in it.


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