Good To-Go

Every once in awhile I will pop in to share a product or two with ya’ll! What I can promise with this is that it is loved by the whole family and not just a promotional post. We are always looking for ways to make adventuring more enjoyable and streamlined and these meals have made a huge difference in recent years for us!


Most backpacking meals are mushy and bland tasting, filled with ingredients I can’t pronounce. If I don’t like products coming into my home like that why in the world would I toss them in our packs when the kids and us adults are out exploring? It just doesn’t make sense!

I can’t remember how we came across this company. It was back when we lived in Virginia and we fell hard for them. Good To-Go has all natural ingredients you can read. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Pescatarian options! Yes please! Y’all they even have wine parings on their website…..haha….it truly is that good of a meal.

And all you need is hot water!

Recently they have brought in a line of oatmeal and granola we have yet to try but I can vouch for all their other meals. Beyond good! Bill even takes them in to the field with him. So long MREs! And yes, he staged this picture for me last time he was gone….he knows my love language.


There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down to a delicious hot meal after a day of exploring. It’s an awesome lightweight addition to add to your pack. We plan to travel with these a ton next year as we use our new duty station as a jumping off point to explore the South Pacific.

Happy Adventuring and Eating!

xxoo ~ko

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