Island Creek Trail, Pollocksville NC

Back again with another favorite local trail of ours. If you enjoy geocaching and live near Camp Lejeune this trail is for you! If you love moss and mushrooms and wild life this trail is for you! Pretty much, if you like to get outside for a beautiful day hike, this trail is for you!

When we moved to North Carolina our crew was already hooked on geocaching and hoped that a new locale would provide lots more caches. Sadly, this didn’t pan out. This area lacks decent geocaching areas but thankfully Island Creek Trail saved us from utter despair 😉

The main trail is a .5 loop. Its super simple and easy to take kids on. Dog are allowed on leash, but if you have a well behaved pup no one is policing out there. We love the main loop and used to take our foster babies there to get their feet wet with a bit of hiking and exploring.

However, if you are wanting to geocache you will hop off the marked trail about halfway in. Despite it not being marked, there is actually a second well worn trail that by the time you hit the final cache and make your way back you’ll have trekked over 3 miles. This trail is gorgeous, winding along the creek and taking you through gorgeous moss filled areas. I kinda have a thing for moss…forgive my zillion pictures. Just like people point out cows to each other on road trips, I will point out moss to you at every turn on a hike. I cant hold back. LOOK! MOSS!

Sign up on the geocaching app or website to see the area of trail I’m talking about. Here is the LINK. If you do, come find us on the app! We are Team.Skittles (our boys were s u p e r creative with the name choice at age 5 and 3 hehe)

On this particular hike we were out to get the farthest cache. In previous years we have had babies in packs and summer heat to deal with. This go around we took advantage of the mild spring weather and just having our two boys to make good time and find our final cache before moving this summer.

If you head out to this trail I would love to hear your thoughts. Did you brave breaking off the main loop? I hope you do.

Happy Hiking



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