Wilmington, NC Day Trip

Usually on Thursday afternoons I find myself getting antsy. I start googling what new is happening around us, dreaming up something fun for us to to do. The week has been long and I’m ready to hit the road with my little tribe even if it’s only for a day.

This weekend was no different and we found ourselves jumping in the car for a quick day trip to Wilmington, NC. With a little over an hour drive required we can easily find ourselves a bit of culture and some non-chain restaurants to indulge in.

If you want to head to Wilmington for a day here is a day-trip itinerary that is sure to please!

The first stop is the Cameron Art Museum. It is a gorgeous museum that brings in some stunning exhibits and this season’s is no exception. “From the Fire” is the exhibit to see right now, showcasing a stunning array of  studio glass pieces. Our boys were amazed and loved trying to figure out how they were made.

If the weather is nice (which it was not this go around) the museum grounds also have an outdoor path that leads you past some very unique pieces.

This museum is small but it never disappoints!


Next up is lunch at Tandoori Bites, a little hole in-the-wall restaurant that from the parking lot makes you question whether it is a good idea or not. Yes, yes it is. Trust me on this. We love our Indian food and this restaurant had us loading up 3rd and 4ths at the buffet. I’m not ashamed.

With your belly full hop to it before a car nap is required and make your way downtown to Expo 216. The lighting and openness of this museum is breathtaking. Everything was so light and airy despite the sad environmental issue were were there to learn about. Expo 216 is a theme driven studio that focuses on a single social or environmental issue each season. That being said, I would highly recommend checking out their website before taking the kiddos on a trip here. Some of the topics at least for us would be a no-go with the boys. Right now the focus is on ocean plastic. It stirred up a lot of conversation with the kids and we walked away ready to makes some changes in our lifestyle.

Another perk with this museum is that it is interactive. The kids were able to complete a scavenger hunt and investigate an albatross “crime scene.”

And if your day couldn’t get any sweeter zip over for a cup of coffee and a honey bun at Bitty and Beau’s Coffee before hitting the road to home.  Oh, this coffee shop….I can’t even write about it without tearing up. You may have heard about them in the news. Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock and thankfully a neighbor clued me in to the all the love taking place right under our nose. Bitty and Beau’s is run by employees with disabilities. Their goal is to foster acceptance and value for people with disabilities within their community. The love that spills out of their front door will have you grinning from ear to ear. We sat and sipped our coffees while the boys enjoyed hot cocoa and lectured us on how this should be how it always is.  We couldn’t agree with you more buddy boys….


At this point there is still so much you can do in Wilmington but the boys were fading and our pup at home was waiting for us so we said goodbye to one of our favorite cities and headed back home to reality. Until next weekend….

Are there any other museums you love in the Wilmington area? I’d love to hear them! Hole-in-the-wall restaurants you have to stop at? Tell me! We only have a couple of months left here and want to soak up every last bit!





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