Stitch People Review

Foster Care keeps us from fully sharing our family with y’all. The rules in place protect these kiddos’ identity which is the least we can do~after all they didn’t choose this life. But I was saddened to learn that DSS didn’t even want us to have photographs of the kiddos that have come through our home out on display. My mind completely understands but my goodness, my heart wants to see those precious faces, especially after we have said goodbye to them.

That’s where this little craft came in to play. Our boys miss their “siblings” and I wanted a a way to help their hearts.

Meet our family tree in the making! The Stitch People book helped us create a way to remember our foster kids without risking their identity being shared.


The boys help me pick what colors to use and what clothes should be worn. It’s the sweetest thing to hear them remember what favorite color their “sister” or “brother” had or take them to the store to find thread that matches the color of those perfect strawberry~blonde curls our little S had.


I stitch, they remember, we all grieve and in the end our family tree is growing and our hearts are a little lighter.

This book is incredibly well done and walks you through every step you could imagine to create little people that look just like your loved ones. The author even has sections for recommended skin tones and hair colors that coordinate with embroidery floss thread colors. She takes all the guess work out of it!

As you can see from our wall, the babies came faster than my stitching. I still have three kiddos to stitch up along with me and Bill. Keeping all the kids in separate hoops will allow our “tree” to keep growing without me having to recreate a core family unit and it reminds me that each of these sweet kids, Jack and Will included are not mine, but His. God’s very own unique creations that I have been blessed to have for however long.







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