Swanky Sweets Bake Shop

If you live in the Camp Lejeune area this is what y’all are going to do this week 😉 Get those babies in school and head up the road to Swansboro. Yes, it’s a little bit of a haul but go hit up Swansboro Artisans and Antiques and then duck in to this local gem.

Swanky Sweets Bake Shop is hands down the best bakery in the area. Vicki, the owner and creator all things sweet is pure genius. She hails from upper New York and brings with her a type oh boho beauty in her pastry that one would see from Terrain or some other anthro- inspired bakery.

Everything is made in house, from scratch and is an original recipe. We tried the S’mores tart and a blueberry muffin, both of which left us speechless. Y’all, this place is really that good.


As for coffee, they keep it simple. Which when serving up Raleigh Coffee Company brews, simple is superbly acceptable. There are no fancy drinks here, but a good cup of coffee and a perfectly executed tart is pure bliss in my opinion. And you can happily sip away knowing that your coffee is one of the more conscientious coffees in the country.

We work with importers, brokers, producers and single farmers directly to accomplish the accessibility to this great experience. We work with a wide range of coffees which include Fair Trade and organic certifications but most importantly, all of our coffees are ethically traded and we are actively giving back to our local, national, and global communities through our successes. ~Raleigh Coffee Company

Vicki has thought through every detail of her shop and it is clear that her passion for excellent pastry, welcoming employees and a fresh look are borne out of love. Swanky Sweets Bake Shop has hit it out of the park.


5 thoughts on “Swanky Sweets Bake Shop

    • So sad! They are really good about posting their hours on their FB page. I always try and check local place’s pages first. I know small businesses can keep funky hours sometimes. Hope you give it another try!


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