This duty station has been a dream when it comes to community. Especially in the final year here I have been able to host monthly gatherings. The wine and laughter flows and the gals usually walk away with a bit of swag and a fun craft!

This month was no exception. We had swag from the always amazing Chip and Jojo and a sweet surprise from a business close to my heart, EOD Fudge.

swag table.jpg

Let’s talk about the fudge first~because really….nothing says America like sweets and patriotism! Many of you already know that my brother was an EOD tech for the Navy. He doesn’t often talk about what he experienced in those 10 years but I can see it in his eyes and we will forever be thankful and humbled by his service to our country. When I came across EOD Fudge and Aaron, the founder’s story, I knew that the ladies in my community needed to be introduced to this amazing company. And now I want to introduce y’all too! Head on over to read more about EOD Fudge, the people behind it and the amazing treats you can share with your family and friends! Hint, hint….order the ‘Merican Pick-Me Up!

Along with a yummy treat I was able to send this month’s crafting gals home with the Spring issue of the Magnolia Journal. Did y’all know my sis is in it!! Check out the flower arranging article and see if you can spy her! Jojo’s magazines never cease to amaze me. The recipes and ideas packed into each issue makes you wish she came out with it monthly!

The craft was an adorable wine cork pegboard and it couldn’t come together more easily. If you have a hot glue gun, corks and an awesome piece of weathered wood (we used old fence slats Bill pulled out of a trash pile for me), you can finish this craft in a mater of minutes!

Simply lay your corks on your board however you like and glue those puppies down! Add pictures, quote cards, maybe a favorite recipe and you are done! If you happen to make one I’d love to see it 🙂

Happy crafting!




5 thoughts on “Corks~n~Crafts

    • I love where you hung your board! This little village is going to break my heart to say goodbye too….military family like no other 🙂 So happy to know that you’ll carry the torch! I cant wait to see everything yall do!


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